Sunday, August 5, 2012

Selim Sesler's Friend Gathered in Taksim

Fans and friends of Selim Sesler made a press statement in Taksim Galatasaray Square to draw attention to the illness of the musician. Fans of Selim Sesler gathering at 14.30 invited publicity and the world of art to be more sensible about the situation. 

Almost 60 persons participated to the press statement in where fans of the musician, his friends and Roma individuals from various Roma settlements of İstanbul. The importance of Selim Sesler for the word of art is reminded in the statement issued by Adnan Demirez. The condition of the musician who have been waiting for heart transplant for almost one year is still critical.


Full text of the press statement: 

Dear Friends
We are here today to be in solidarity with Selim Sesler, the clarinet master. Selim Sesler has been waiting for heart transplant for almost one year. He has not been able to play clarinet which is his best friend for one year. We say him

Master Selim, although we couldn't listen your clarinet live for a long time, you have always been in our houses with the famous records of Şu Köyceğiz Yolları, Kara Üzüm Habbesi, Oğlan Bizim Kız Bizim, Topal Oyun, Gözyaşı and Bir İstanbul gecesi.

Master Selim, Roma musician of Keşan, you started your musical journal with countrside wedding when you were only 14 years old. Then you continued to plan in England, Germany, USA, Canada and French. You represent your country in these places very well. We are gratefull to you on the behald of whole country.

Master Selim you deciphered the soul of İstanbul with the clarinet you play in the movie "İstanbul Hatırası" by Fatih Akın. We acknowledge you. Your music is the soul of this city and the honour of Roma and music lovers. 

We ask the officials of the ministry of culture to save Selim Sesler who is one the most important musicians of this country. We ask them not to leave him alone in the empty rooms of hospitals. There is no more Selim Sesler. 

Selim Sesler need your support. We wish to see him among us as soon as possible. 

İstanbul Roma Associations and everybody who love him. 

Source: Media Roma İstanbul

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