Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gypsy Lore Society will Meet in İstanbul

The 2012 Annual Meeting of Gypsy Lore Society which was founded in 1888 in Great Britain will be in İstanbul in 2012 September. The annual meeting of Gypsy Lore Society, which supports academic researches about Roma and other Gypsy groups living all over the world, is organized with contributions of Beyoğlu Municipality. 

The meeting which will start in September 19 will continue for 4 days. Opening speeches of the meeting will be done by the prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, deputy minister Bekir Bozdağ, İstanbul metropolitan mayor Kadir Toptaş, the president of Gypsy Lore Society Elena Marushiakova, Beyoğlu mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan. Besides an other deputy minister Beşir Atalay and the president of European Roma and Travellers Forum Rudko  Kawczynski will also give speeches in the first day of meeting.

There will be a forum named "Roma in Turkey and Europe" in the meeting to where scholars, who become popular with the researches they made about Roma and other Gypsy groups, will participate. There are famous linguist Yaron Matras and Hristo Kyuchukov from Berlin University among the participants of the forum. Researchers including Thomas Acton, Colin Clark, Elena Marushiakova and Yaron Matras will make presentations in September 20-21-22.

Three photo exposition will be opened in the context of the meeting. The expositions named "Gypsies from 1800 to the present" of Tolga Gürocak in Beyoğlu Municipality Art Center, "The Mysterious Society of Central Asia: Mugats" of Sema Balaman in Galatasary Square and "Roma: Transilvania" in Beyoğlu Municipality Youth Center of Marry Humprey will be exhibited. 


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