Monday, September 10, 2012

Just the Wind Announced as Candidate for Oscar

Hungarian National Film Fund determined the movie "Just the wind" which is about racist attacks targeting Roma as the next years candidate of Hungary for Academy Awards. The movie of Bence Fligauf in which Roma actors take part won "Silver Bear" award in Berlin Film Festival before.

Many Roma lost their lifes and injured in the racist terror attacks in Hungary between 2008-2009. The movie "Just the Wind" in which these incidents are being explained from the perspective of a Roma family get attention since the first day the movie come to the big screen. It caused  a huge enthusiasm among Roma that the movie, which was apprecited by Roma publicity because of its contribution to bringing agenda of racist attacks targeting Roma, announced as Hungary's candidate to Oscar in the branch of best foreign movie. 

Racist attacks targeting Roma still continue. Mass media generally ignore these incidents. Hence  qualified art productions can raise sensibility about racist terror in Balkans among publicity. 

Source: Newser

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