Monday, September 17, 2012

The Electricity is Cut off in Tenekeli Neighbourhood

The electricity in Tenekeli neighbourhood, which is among the most known Roma settlements of Burhaniye district of Balıkesir (Marmara, Turkey), is cut off. Power cut, which is done on the plea of the houses in the neighbourhood don't have legal certificate of approval, got reaction from the Roma residents of Tenekeli neighbourhood. A group of the residents protesting the power cut went to the municipality and the governorship. 

The power cut done by UEDAŞ (local electricity company) in Tenekeli neighbourhood, in where Roma people have lived for debates, caused confusion among the residents. Because the reason of the power cut has been declared to be lack of legal certificate of approval for the houses. However the situation is not new and the company has given electricity to the residents before knowing the conditions. It's also an other issue that an urban renewal project is being prepared for the neighbourhood these days and the residents are suspicious about the possibility that if there are any connection between the power cut and the project.

The resident of Tenekeli mahalle firstly marched to the municipality to show their reaction. However they were unable to find the mayor. Then they went to the governorship and made a meeting with the governor Ali Uslanmaz. Ali Uslanmaz promised to find a solution for the issue as soon as possible according to Turan Tartı who is a local community leader.

Source: Burhaniye Gündem 

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