Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Urban Renewal Starts in Çatalca

Çatalca (Marmara, Turkey) municipality made a decision to start an urban renewal project in Ferhatpaşa which is one of the most known Roma settlements of the district. Three storey houses, which is being planned to be suitable for remaining of Roma culture, will be built in the same place according to the statement maden by the municipality. It's also said that when the project is completed, it will be asked to the residents for confirmation and if the residents don't confirm it, it won't be applied. Roma residents of the neighbourhood say that they will support the project if the condition declared will be kept in the project.

Çatalca municipality is preparing an urban renewal project in Ferhatpaşa neighbourhood in where 2000 Roma live according to the news of the journalist Ercan Öztürk from Akşam newspaper. Municipality official made conversations with the residents in their houses to learn their demands about urban renewal. The project in which there storey Roma houses are being planned to be built instead of big apartment buildings will be given to Mass Housing Administrattion (TOKİ) whenever it's completed and confirmed by the residents. It's also claimed that renters living in Ferhatpaşa and Kaleiçi will also benefit from the project.

The vice president of Roma Associations Federation evaluated the issue with these words: "The renters will also benefit from the project here. The mayor gathered with us there times to introduce the details of the project. The majority here support the project. The most important thing is that we will confirm it". Scholars say that the project planned to be done in Ferhatpaşa have to be followed carefully and they emhasize the issue that the payment conditions are as important as the qualifications of the new houses. There have been some problematic examples of urban renewal in which ability to pay of the resident were not regarded. 

Source: Akşam

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