Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recycling Project in Yalova

The project named "Hand refreshing with recycle", which is prepared by Yalova Municipality, Yalova Üniversity, police department, İŞ-KUR adn ÇEVTEM, is declared to aim improving of the state of Roma families living Bağlarbaşı Neighbourhood in Yalova (Marmara region, Turkey). Roma families subsisting on paper and scrap collecting hope to be informed more detailed about advantages and disadvantages of the project.

The first promotion of the project is done in the saloon of Yalova Municipality Assembly. According to the statement, no one will be forced to participate to the project. The one who wish to be a part of the project will give the paper and scrap they collected to municipality official in their neighbourhood instead of transporting them to stores. They will paid daily and cash.

Many Roma families all over Turkey subsist on paper and scrap collecting. They work under hard conditions. These families emphasize that they are open to any offerings which can improve their conditions if it's explained them completely.

Source: İHA

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