Monday, July 22, 2013

Mass Media should not Provoke Hatred in Bursa

Citizens who awake this morning read a news concerning the tension in Bursa (Marmara region, Turkey). According to the news published in mass media, "a Roma youth injured a girl with a gun", and her family attacked to the houses of Roma families and they set afire Roma families' carriages. Media doesn't emphasize the ethnic origin of the other side, but only Roma in the news. Altough they strongly emphasized that one of the sides was Roma, they haven't spoken any Roma who participated the incident yet and they reflect the incident prejudicedly. 

We have no opportunity to know what really happened in Bursa Osmangazi Güneştepe neighbourhood due to the usual way of making news of the mass media. We haven't been able to reach our people living there. So we don't know the real extent and details of the incident. On the other hand, it's clear that mass media aim to legitimize what happened there. They want to legitimize attacks to the Roma houses and being burned of the carriages of Roma. They blaim Roma with robbery and their horses to smear the roads in the news and use these details to justify the behauviours of the aggressive mob we watched in their own video. However there is no logical reason to justify for lynch.

We will share the details of the incident as we receive. A this stage, We censure mass media's provocative and one sided approach to reflect the incident. Using a discourse which can start a big tension among Roma and non-Roma citizens is not journalism. We hope they will give up this seperatist and provocative discourse soon.

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